Friday, February 20, 2009

Chris Tomlin - God of this city

On our last day in Haiti, as we were on our way to Port-Au-Prince fellowship church, Troy told us about this great song he had heard and played it for us as we were driving through the streets of Port. It was called God of this city. It was written by another band but Chris Tomlin did a cover of it. I cannot get this song out of my mind. I was sitting in the back of Troy's truck and listening and looking at my surroundings and it brought me to tears that GOD is the GOD of every city. It was really powerful realizing that the people I was watching needed God desperately. I then realized people in cities every where need Jesus desperately. They need the truth. We can give them that truth!!! Not just in Haiti, everywhere! Please join me in praying for the lost and that God will open their eyes. I know we cannot open their eyes but we can plant a seed!

Thanks to everyone that has been praying for the mission training center in Haiti. God has really been doing a mighty work there!!! It is moving much faster than we ever dreamed it would. It looks like we will have our first training session during our mission trip in July! It looks to be an exciting time!!


Kathy Friend said...

I love this song! Isn't is something when you are listening to a worshipey song...everything looks different.

Diane said...

Wow!! That's awesome!!!

Sara said...

Brenda -- I'm impressed with your dedication to Haiti and I've passed along a blog award to you. See this link:

Glad we're friends!