Monday, November 17, 2008

Nate's Aunt Millie

Could you all please keep Nate's aunt in your prayers. She has been in the hospital since last week.

She had some kind of pocket of poison that formed and they were trying to figure out how to drain it. There is MORE but its not very easy to explain. We went and saw her on Friday night and she looked really good and they thought she might even be able to go home as they did more tests to see how to get rid of the poison. If they did it wrong it could burst and she would die immediately.

Yesterday when we got home from church we had a message that said she was on life support and they were putting tubes in to try to get rid of the poison. I will post more when I know more. Just please keep Millie, Bob and their family in your prayers. Their son is a pastor out west and is flying in today for a week to be with her. She was SO excited to see him.



Diane said...

Of course Nate, you, your family and Nate's family will be in our prayers! I know all too well what a hard time this is to be going through!

Chad and Tammy said...

We're praying for all of you.

Mari said...

I'm sorry to hear this - we'll be praying.