Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday Fun

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Yesterday was such a nice day. I had to take the girls up to the local nursing home so the kids could bring some small Christmas trees and sing some carols and hang out with the residents. They had a nice time there. Afterwards we all love going to the airport viewing area and so we hung out there for a few hours just watching the planes take off and land.

Afterwards we went to a place called Yesterdog. It is a really old nostalgic restaurant that only serves hot dogs. Nate has done work on the owners house and so we took the kids there yesterday for a snack. It was really good and they kids loved looking at all the old stuff. Last night we played a mean game of Mickey Mouse Monoply with all 7 of us. We set up a big table next to the fire place downstairs and had a fun time. It can be a little stressful playing with 7 but it turned out to be fun!! Of course I won!! :) That is highly unusual!!

Have a great night. We are getting quite a bit of snow here and I am wondering if the kids will have school in the morning.


Jennifer said...

2 cheddar dogs with pickles please! You are making me hungry.

Dawn said...

I'll have to find out where that restaurant is the next time we come up. It sounds just like something Ted would love.

The kids will remember that game forever. Fun times like that last a lifetime. I still remember all of the gamenights we had when I was growing up.

Mari said...

Sounds like a wonderful family day! The girls looked so cute when they came to the home. The people there sure enjoyed seeing the kids and were enjoying the trees today!

Cheri said...

You rarely win???? Yeah right- I play phase 10 with you remember!!! :)
What a fun day!

A Momma in Waiting... said...

Sounds like fun Brenda! Evan just started playing games...I think Santa may have some surprized in store this year :-) Board games are a fun way to get everyone together! Terry