Friday, June 13, 2008

I have insisted we recover the genuine Gospel of Jesus–that balanced New Testament message that begins not with the fleshly needs of people, but with the plan and wisdom of God–”born again” conversion that leads to righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. Any “mission” that springs from “the base things of the world” is a betrayal of Christ and is what the Bible calls “another gospel.” It cannot save or redeem people either as individuals or as a society.

- K.P. Yohannan

Founder of Gospel for Asia. If you are at all interested in Mission work of any kind then this link below for a free book is a MUST read. It will change the way you think about missions.
Revolution for World Missions You should be able to just click on the link.

If that does not work then use this.

September 5, 6 and 7Th. Our church. Lighthouse Community church of Allendale, Michigan will be hosting a mission conference. However it will not be your normal type mission conference.

You can see a brochure and register online here. The Isaiah project

We will focus on Worship and Mission as a RESPONSE to a vision of God—(just like Isaiah in Isaiah 6:1-8; Moses in Exodus 3:1-10; and Paul in Acts 9:1-22, plus others).

Gospel for Asia (see above) is going to be the keynote speaker and they are an awesome mission organization!!

There are some awesome speakers lined up for our break out sessions. One of them is Troy Livesay who you have hard about on my blog and has for the last two years run the mission that Nathan leads teams too. They are great friends and have a wonderful family of 7 children and they moved to Haiti 2 years ago to follow God's leading!!

for more info you can email me directly at We would love to see YOU there!!!


Diane said...

LOVED the book!

CAN'T WAIT for the Isaiah Project!!

LOVE Haiti! CAN'T WAIT to go back in only 35 1/2 days!!!!!!!

Chad and Tammy said...

I totally agree with Diane about the book, the Isaiah Project AND Haiti!!

Mari said...

It's going to be great!