Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Before and after Deck

This is a before picture of part of our deck. The picture is not so good but its the only I could find at the moment.
A few years back our hot tub completely quit working and it was not worth putting more money into it. We had a dream of redesigning that part of the deck so that we would have a lot bigger back yard. We took off the whole section where the hot tub was.

These pictures below are the finished product!! I think it looks wonderful!!! We spent $0 money on it. Yep, you read that right! No money!! Everything we used came off of the part of the deck we got rid of.
The whole part where the steps and grill are is where we redesigned it.

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Diane said...

I think it looks awesome! You did such a great job on it!!

Cheri said...

It looks so good- you're back yard looks so nice now with more room for the kids!

Mari said...

It looks great and I bet you enjoy the extra room in the yard.