Friday, February 15, 2008

What Color Rose Are You?

I saw this on Diane's blog and Tammy's blog! Thought I should try it! finally something that says I am gentle and sweet! LOL

You Are a Light Pink Rose
You represent sweetness and grace.

Your vibe: Kind and gentle

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love with a best friend
What Color Rose Are You?


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Same as me!

Mari said...

I'm sweet and gentle just like you!

Our Family Adventure said...

Me too...Hmmmm....sounds fishy to me:-) Terry

Tori said...

I was orange or something the first time I took this test, but the second time I was the same as you... what did you do? I think you fixed this test so everyone would end up the same as you except for my mom and Amy... (lol about Amy's) See you this afternoon, and hurrry up with the rest of your 300 things please! I am DYING to read them!!!! Mesi madame. Pita Brenda. (Just so you know I said "Thank you ma'am, later Brenda.... in case you were wondering)