Saturday, February 16, 2008

The last of my 300 things

I hope I have not bored you to tears by now with my big list!!

Here is the last of it:


201. When we stepped in the front doors we could already feel a difference.
202. The praise time was AWESOME and still is!!
203. During the service Nathan and I were just in awe. The message was awesome and hit us so hard
204. It was real and it was the truth and it was wonderful
205. We both left crying and for the first time knew what it felt like to be in the Holy Spirit!
206. We have gone to Lighthouse ever since and I am forever grateful for the friends I have met there
207. The summer of 2005 I became the Kingdom Cove director
208. Our Sunday school consists of 5 different rotations each 5 weeks
209. The children learn the same lesson in 5 different ways and the kids love it
210. We have different rotations each month
211. Cooking, computer, movie, art, science, storytelling, drama, etc…
212. Its has been a blessing to work with the children and getting me out of my comfort zone (A big thanks to Tammy for coming along side me and helping me out!!)
213. October, 26th 2005 it was our 15th anniversary.
214. We had enough airline miles that we could get two free tickets in the US
215. It was a hard time deciding but we ended up going to Bar Harbor, Maine
216. We had such an awesome time!! We had one problem that we were so sad about.
217. We missed the last whaling boat of the year by 25 minutes.
218. The same weekend was tough for me.
219. I found out my grandpa passed away while I was in Maine.
220. He had gotten sick the night before we left and ended up in the hospital while we were gone
221. It was so hard. We arrived home at 2:00pm on a Monday afternoon and the first viewing was at 6:00pm
222. August 2005 we had our last post placement done for Russia. Russia requires check ups on the kids for 3 years.
223. At the same time our wonderful social worker asked us if we were done adopting. I said yes but would if God called us too.
224. Nate opened his mouth and said well we had always thought about adding a little girl from China to our family.
225. Our SW’s eyes got real big and said really! I have a little girl I thought would be perfect for your family.
226. Oh boy! We told her to send us her info on Tuesday (we were camping as it was Labor day)
227. Tuesday morning we got her picture and info. After a month of really discerning adopting this
Little girl we knew for a fact God wanted her in our home. It was so clear.
228. We ended up receiving 3 grants. One from Steven Curtis Chapman.
229. God totally blessed that whole adoption.
230. During this adoption Nate got a call that would really change our lives.
231. Friends became missionaries in Haiti. They needed a plumber to finish the plumbing in their house.
232. I was a little upset at first because supposedly we would be going to China at anytime.
233. After much prayer Nate really felt called to go and so we agreed and he left a week later.
234. The day he agreed to go to Haiti we found out that someone had donated $5000 to our Bethany account. God provided big time!
235. Nathan had an awesome week and so many miracles occur.
236. He came home not knowing what was up but God was moving and he wondered if he should lead trips down.
237. June of 2006. We traveled to China to adopt Hannah.
238. Her birthday was June 10 and we were able to at least be in her country on her birthday
239. Her adoption day was such a breeze. It was June 13th and it took 5 minutes. All we had to do was swear to love her.
240. June 14th 2000 was Hannah’s finding day (this was the day the orphanage found her in front of a factory)
241. June 14 2006 we were able to visit the exact spot she was found. 6 years to do the day
242. It still gives me chills thinking about the timing of it
243. We spent two weeks in China and had so much fun.
244. Heather was able to travel with us due to her grades and she LOVED every minute of it
255. It was a blessing to us also because Hannah really liked her and would follow everything she did
256. In November Nate lead his first team to Haiti. It was amazing! He came home just filled with what God was doing and he felt right in the middle of God’s will
257. At first he wanted to move us all down there. However he did not feel at the time that is what God wanted him to do.
258. February 2007. I was able to travel with Nate on my first mission trip to Haiti.
259. I was a little hesitant when I first arrived in the country but ended up loving it so much
260. When I am in Haiti I feel like I am right where God wants me to be.
261. I do not feel the same hesitancy there that I do here when talking to new people.
262. August of 2007. I was able to travel back to Haiti again for a wonderful VBS trip
263. There were 17 of us in all.
264. We did 2 different sets of VBS
265. The first day we did Jesus birth and the 2nd was on Easter
266. The kids loved it.
267. I helped in the movie rotation showing the Jesus film in Kreyol
268. It was amazing watching the kids get the actual message and get excited that Jesus is alive.
269. We also did a carnival and ended up with over 600 people there.
270. It was chaos but over all it went well.
271. We should have run out of food but we NEVER did!! Fishes and loaves anyone?!!
272. That trip really changed my thoughts and how everyone should at least once do some kind of mission trip. Whether in the states or out of the country. God blessings are amazing.
273. In October 2007 we celebrated our 17th anniversary!
274. I wonder if our parents truly find that amazing! LOL
275. Only by the Grace of God are we still together after a rough beginning.
276. January/February 2008 Nate led another team of 13 to Haiti. It was his 5th trip
277. They had flights cancelled on the way down to Haiti and one the way back
278. On the way home there were no hotel rooms left and so they had to stay in the airport.
279. They had brought tents to Haiti as at one point had planned to stay overnight in the mountains
280. That didn’t happen but God knew they would need those tents anyways.
281. They set up a huge tent in the Miami airport
282. It sounds like it was a huge hit!! LOL
283. The day Nate came home we traveled to Dundee Michigan to a water park
284. Instead of doing Christmas presents this year we told them we do something different and fun
285. Believe it or not they were very on board with this idea
286. So we spent 2 nights and 3 days at Splash Universe. We had a great time.
287. We even went and had lunch at Cabelas next door and they were able to watch them feed the fish
288. We came home to another snowstorm.
289. I do not know about you but I am sick to death of snow.
290. One thing I find that is a huge blessing is that every Tuesday I get together with 3 friends and whatever kids we have home that day. We can be real with each other and know we will not offend.
You guys are such a HUGE blessing to me!!! Thank you for your friendship!
291. Lets see what else can I say
292. I have been an Avon rep now for almost 5 years
293. I started just for a little income and now I am actually doing very well.
294. In 5 months I will be heading back to Haiti for my 3rd trip.
295. The friends we have made down there and from here just from these trips is so amazing!
296. I almost forgot in November of 2007 we made a trip to Minnesota
297. Our good friends the Livesays were on a furlough from Haiti and were going to have a graduation ceremony for their daughter Britt.
298. Diane and Tory Westrick traveled with us and we had soooo much fun!!!
299. I want to thank all of you that God has brought into my life!! You are all a huge blessing to me!!
300. Congratulations for reading all of this!! It had started out as 300 things about me but turned more into a story. At least it’s done!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!


Mari said...

You did it - 300 things! How long did that take to get typed? I'm glad you are at Lighthouse too!

Chad and Tammy said...

That was really fun to read! I'll bet it was a lot of work! As for #299, right back at 'ya!!

Diane said...

I didn't think it would be that hard for you to come up with 300 things to say about yourself! - you always have SOMETHING to say about SOMETHING!! :) Great list! Thanks for doing that!!!

Melissa said...

That was a fun list to read!! :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Loved it! You better start taking notes now for your next 100 posts!

Tori said...

3 things for you:

That was tons of fun to read and fun to see you tonight and hopefully see you tomorrow.

2. for #263, I thought only 16 of us went? I could be wrong though... wouldn't be suprising. haha. But I think that was 16 and the one this summer is 17... lol.

3. you spelled my name wrong. I won't tell you where it is though except that it's at the end. Sad... oh and another hint it's the only time I am mentioned in this whole stinkin thing. So you should be able to find it. it's kind of like a word search huh? look for tori in the 300 things about you posts. lol.

see you tomorrow bj. peace out yo. :p

A Stone Gatherer said...

Very well done! You got all 300! Great learning more about you!

Anonymous said...

Brenda you have and had a very exciting life!That was some good reading.Thanks,Patty