Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birthday Present

I got some money for my birthday this year and I didn't really know what I wanted to get with it. Ever since I went to Haiti the first time in February I wanted a Haiti shirt. I couldn't find anything I liked while in Haiti and I really, really wanted a sweatshirt, which you cannot find in Haiti! LOL

Diane bought Tori a hooded Haiti sweatshirt for her birthday told me it came from and so I thought wow cool! I will go check it out. I decided I really wanted a sweatshirt with my money. The problem is there were not too many Haiti sweatshirts that I actually like except the same one Tori has! So after much deliberation I decided to go ahead and get!! Sorry, Tori! Now we can be twins!! I just LOVE it!!!! It says it has shipped and I can hardly wait!!! Here is a picture below:

Also I am very excited because tomorrow I get to spend time up at Julie's cabin with Michelle, Julie and Cheri!!! Thank you, Julie!!! We get to nothing but just hang out, talk, watch movies and laugh a lot!! I am so looking forward to it!!!!!!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Love the sweatshirt- looks very comfy!
Only 1 more day till Friday!!

Jennifer said...

Did Cheri mention to you that I can fit in a suitcase?
Enjoy your "girl time" and know that I am praying strongly against jealousy. My sweet hubby called me this morning to tell me we have a date night Saturday. Yeah! That will help soothe the pain.

Diane said...

You know that sweatshirt also comes in GREY!!! Tori is really looking forward to the time when the two of you can dress alike!- not! Just one more way for you to tease her! :) LOL

Have fun tomorrow night!

Chad and Tammy said...

I love the sweatshirt! Maybe we should all get one! Tori will get over it. :)

Have a great time this weekend!!

Melissa said...

Great sweatshirt!
I just checked out that website and they have lots of cool stuff. Maybe I'll have to get a Romania sweatshirt ;)
Have fun this weekend! Can't wait to hear about it!

Melissa said...
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Mari said...

I love that sweatshirt. We got Army clothes from them when wew went to Andy's graduation. They had great service.
Have fun this weekend!

Tori said...

OK, that's it. I am not wearing that sweatshirt anymore. You should put the hood on when you get it so that you look like a KKK too. Lol. What a great look for a Haiti sweatshirt... haha.

Anonymous said...

I want one too!! It is adorable!! Good thing I live in Illinois. See what you started Diane!!


Anonymous said...

How did you find it at I cant seem to locate it!!!