Sunday, January 06, 2008

37 Big ones!

Okay can someone tell me how I got to be that age of 37?!! It really baffles me. So far its been a fun weekend. Friday night we got Chinese, Saturday nigh we went to my mom and dad's for dinner. It was very cool. We had Tacos and my mom has a tradition where she always gives the kids the kids dollar bills in the amount of what age they are turning. I always tease my mom because I tell her hey how come we cannot have that done on our birthdays! LOL knowing she would go broke with the rest of us kids. Anyways last night she gave me 4 candles, which I love, and some washclothes, which I need desperately. Well Nikolas starts snickering next to me. this is not unusual however when I went to put the washclothes away one of them opened up a little and $6 fell out. The kids start laughing harder. Yes my mom hid $37 in one's and five's!!! How cool is that!!!! That was so much fun finding all that money!!! I find out that Nikolas told my mom that it would be a great idea so that maybe I would stop teasing her. Ha, who is he fooling!! LOL :) Anyways I thought that was a cute story!!! Its a great memory anyhow!! Today Nate took us to Culvers and of course Nate and the kids had to embaress me by singing out loud. Yes, I turned quite red!! Even redder than normal!!! Hope you all are having a great Sunday! Its a little dreary but I have some quiet time with everyone else napping.


Mari said...

Happy Birthday! You are now 10 years younger than me - just a baby.
That sounds like something Nate would do. Gotta love him!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday. Do you forgive me now for forgetting to tell you this morning. I CAN'T believe I forgot when I was talking to you!!!!!! I'm so mad at myself.
You're still a young pup- I've got 1 year on you! So glad you're having a great weekend- your mom is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You are very young....may I say like 9 years younger than me. YIKES!!!

Have an awesome deserve it!!


ChatterboxLS. said...

were you ever able to find out the web addy for sandi? - thanks!


Diane said...

Happy Birthday again, Brenda!! I'm glad we got to sing for you last night even though it was on our way out the door!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I wish you many, many more to come!!! :) ...and yes, it's 3:30 in the morning - Chad better have some better earplugs than I have if he wants to get any sleep in Haiti!!!

Chad and Tammy said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you celebrated again today since all of your kids were in school!!

Tori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!!!!!! I just wanted to leave a comment, so there it is. Tell Nate I am enjoying my petshops now that I have them back. My 2 month groundage lasted about 2 weeks. Aren't I good at this teenager thing? I should get nominated for an Oscar or and Emmy or somthing... "Best Teenager Skills For Getting Your Grounding Shortened" Yeah... that rolls off the tounge real good. Okay. this was going to be a short comment, and now it is long, so I am going to stop now.

Except to say that you are 13 years older then me. WOW... thats old. You are like double my age. Amazing.

Okay I am done now. :-D!!

julie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! See ya at lunch today! :)

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday you caught up to me just in time for me to move on past (in Sept) and find 38.