Saturday, September 08, 2007

Not much going on!

Not much going on today here at the Yonker household. I am just working on cleaning up the house as we have some people coming over for dinner this evening and then we are going to "Authentic" at chuch tonight. This is a service for our college aged ministry. I know, I know I am not college age anymore but I LOVE it!!!

I do not have much to post but thought I would put a plug out there for my business today.

I have never done this on my blog but thought it might be fun.

I have been an Avon rep for over 4 years now. It is so hard to believe that I would last this long doing something from home. It has been a good way for me to have some fun money over the last few years.

Also for those that have not seen a book in years its not just makeup anymore. We have toys, clothes, shoes, Jewerly, purses, ect.....

If you would like a book just email me at and I can either send you an online link for the books or I can get a book to you.

Also you can check out my website at If you live in the Allendale, Hudsonville, Jenison area I can deliver your items right to you door. If you do not live in the area but would still like to order anything all you have to do is put in my name/phone number and I will still receive 25%. If you would like to do that email me privately and I will give you my number.

Also we are always looking for new reps to sell avon and I can help you with that. It is only $10 to start up and you do not have to do any home parties, no inventory and its hasn't been a hard sell! :)

Thank you to all my dear friends that have kept me in business for the last 4 years!!

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tori said...

ha ha. that's okay. i'm not even highschool aged, but i went before. lol. well, that's about it... good job updating all by yourself!!! lol. see ya sometime...