Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hard to believe its the first day of school!!! The kids were very excited with only a few butterflies!!!!
(I was very excitd to find my batteries and charger this morning still packed away in a suitcase that was already put in storage!)

Caleb and Hannah do not go to school until tomorrow.

Cannot believe that Nik is in 5th grade this year and Heather and Katie are in 3rd!!!

At the bus stop with friends!

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Diane said...

No tears today? We were talking at coffee this morning about tears or no tears today! I think out of 7 or 8 moms there, not one had one tear to shed! Hmmm... I guess we were all ready for the kids to just "be away" for the better part of the day today! It's funny how at the end of the school year I can't wait for summer break so we don't have to be on such a tight schedule and then around the end of July/beginning of August I can't wait to be on that same schedule again!

I hope you had a wonderful vacation and I'm glad to have you back again!

Talk to you soon!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Very cute pictures of the kids. How did Caleb and Hannah do without the other kids? Halle did great. We got a lot of cleaning and baking done today!

Mari said...

That's a cute bunch of kids! They sure are starting to look old though!

Tori said...

i will try to leave my bebo on this... but who ever said i wanted you to have access to that?!?! that is one place (besides myspace) that i can get away from you, and now you want to invade that one too?!?!?! gees, your worse then my mom... lol. just kidding! nice pictures... i didnt have any this year, so i guess i am too old for those. actually we havent had any for a long time... since like kindergarten or something like that, but that is okay because i dont like first day pictures (of me) anyway. wow, this is a really long comment!! i will have as much fun as i can in california, but i would rather be in haiti... i am getting more of what you guys were saying about how nobody would understand why it was such an awesome trip or anything about it. i tried explaining to some people in my spanish class today why i wanted to take french in highschool instead of spanish, but they didnt get it at all. so i just gave up... and one more thing... YOU GOT TO SEE AARON THIS WEEK?! LUCKY!! lol, totally just kidding about that... ha ha. i almost got to see tiffany but i had volleyball practice when she was here and i wont see her when we get back either... darn. oh well. see ya next week!! maybe... or not. for sure the week after that!! ttyl!

Tori said...

oh yeah! i totally just remembered, but thats okay because that comment was really long anyway. so now i get to leave you another one... ha ha. lucky you!! lol. you should feel blessed. my bebo is not able to type it in the url thinger, so i dont know if you can get to mine... i dont even really know what my username is, because they added some random numbers to the end of it. so i will try to look that up and then i will get back to you on that! now you get two longish comments from me!! you really are lucky! lol, see ya sometime! ttyl!