Monday, August 20, 2007

More pictures from Haiti

I had an nice comment from Tori this morning that I need to update so I will post some more random pictures and things. Its been very hard for me to sort out my thoughts from this last mission trip to Haiti. I LOVE Haiti. I never thought I would ever say that. I always thought my path would stay in Russia and that we would end up working in the orphanages there. Then God brought us to China to adopt Hannah and I thought maybe God would have me go back there on a mission trip someday God has totally thrown me big time. I cry when I fly into Haiti because I am so happy to be back and when we walk out to the plane in Haiti to come home I cry because I do not want to leave. God has placed a burden on my heart for the Haitian people and I have come to love them. God is so cool how he places different people on our hearts. Some people he chooses to stay close to home and that is so important too. some of us he chooses to go overseas. This last trip to Haiti was more about Evangelism and sharing Jesus to the people and I found I LOVED that part of it. I am not a builder of house and I cannot do things like that but I LOVE building God's kingdom. I would encourage anyone who to do at least one mission trip in their lifetime. Wether it is local, or somewhere in the United States or wether you feel God calling you overseas. The Great Commission challages us to go out and share the Gospel. I want to Challenage all of you too. I know some of you will worry about the costs. HOWEVER, if God truly is calling you to go HE will provide every single penny!!! I know that for a fact!! I did not have one penny to my name to go to Haiti!! God went above and beyond to provide every single penny needed!!! The extra money just went in a fund for things that we were doing in Haiti. So please pray about where God might be leading you!!! My heart is forever changed!

(these pictures are curtosy of Tammy Berghorst!!)
This is jaque (not sure of spelling) he is the worship leader at the church in luly where we went. This man has a fire and get the church praising!!

This was very funny!!! We had communion at church at it was real wine. Here Troy was telling me that in case I wanted a bigger cup. It was an awesome moment taking communtion with the Haitian people. We truly are one in Christ!!!!

This is Nathan's good friend Pastor Fritsno. He is such a gentle spirit and a true man of god!!! He walks 2 1/2 hours down the mountain everytime he hears Nathan is in Haiti just to say hi. Very humbeling.

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Chad and Tammy said...

Great pictures! What a photographer!! I agree that everyone needs to go on a mission trip at least once. What an awesome experience!