Monday, August 20, 2007

Amy and the translator that helped her giving the salvation message and
showing the kids how to put the salvation bracelets together.
House in the village. I believe this is the man that gave lifelines to land
to house the mission and the feeding program.
cute little girl at the feeding program.


Mari said...

Great pictures. I'm so glad you had a good time.

Diane said...

I MISS HAITI!!!!! The interpreter with Amy was pretty cool - I had him with Tammy on day 1 for the shirts. I love the pic with Tori hanging like a monkey! That sounds about right! I saw her comment to you, Haitian chicka! Cute! Thanks for updating! Still waiting for videos/pics on Amy's dancing and Lance's wiper action!

What an awesome trip!!!


P.S. I tried to post a comment before but it didn't come up so I'm trying again.

Tori said...

thank you! btw, just so you know, i wasnt standing there, i was showing you how we were swinging from the bars because it works so much better then standing or sitting. also, i think i have a name for you now. i think i should call you mac. it is because of "my haitian chica"... mhc, sounds like mac if you try to say it. so, i think its cool anyway. but if you dont, whatever. ill just call you brenda like everyone else does. ok, bye!

Tori said...

cool! now i can call you and name and you wont get mad at me!! lol. ttyl mac!

Tori said...

i got your message, from my everlovin' momma... she said that you said that i need to update. so i will. tomorrow probably. i am too tired tonight and i have nothing to talk about, so i will update tomorrow when i have something to say. see ya at the park hopefully!! bye mac!!