Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just some misceleanous pictures for you today!! We had an awesome church service and they also comissioned our Haiti team!! It was awesome to have most of our team together today!!

These pictures are just ones that I had been hoping to post for awhile now but I kind of lost where i hat put them and just found them

The first one is of one of our campfire skillet dinners!! Yum!!! They are so good!

This one had Onions, whole mushrooms, green peppers, Brauts, Zuchinni, summer squash and some other items in it!! So good

This picture is of a little girl named Lauren!
She is a part of our homegroup and she got stuck on the bottom of our chair a few weeks back. It was just too cute NOT to take a photo!!! :)

This is a picture of our whole group that is going to Haiti. There was only one person missing and that is because she lives out of state. Its going to be a really fun group!!


Mari said...

That skillet dinner looks great. Lauren is adorable as always and you have a great group going to Haiti. I'll be checking the mission blog for updates from you!kjeoo

Tori said...

UH!! how come neither me or my wonderful mother are in that pic of the so-called "whole group"??? i am sticking my tounge out right now, but you just cant see it cuz i am looking at the computer screen not you! how rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad and Tammy said...

I love that picture of Lauren! Four days, 10 hours!!

Tori said...

you shouldnt take a picture where there is a wall in the way! gosh! lol. just kidding.