Friday, July 27, 2007

I have been reprimanded by Tori for not updating today! LOL

I really do not have much to say. I had my dryer fixed this morning. I took 5 children grocery shopping and getting last minutes Haiti supplies.

Diane and Tori came over last night and really helped us finish packing. They helped so much and we cannot thank them enough. We have only 1 more suitcase to pack and that is a very good! Things have been a little stressful wondering if we would get everything packed.

Hard to believe that we leave in 7 days.

Tonight we have to go to Nate's sister for dinner. We are having a cook out so please pray the rain is done! My niece is out here this week from New Mexico so it will be fun to see her again!!


Tori said...

thank you! i was wondering what happened to maybe your kids tied you to a chair or something ... cuz it took you so long to update! just kidding!!! lol.

Tori said...

okay, this didnt work the first time i tried it, so i will try it again! i am not going to update until you update yours!! so if you want me to update, you have to update first! also, you told me to email your blog or whatever, so here it is. merry christmas from ms. enthusiastic! lol. just kidding! i am more enthusiastic about spelling that word right on the first try and that haiti is only 6 sleeps away!! (little isaac for you there)