Friday, June 15, 2007

I have been tagged by Cheri.

4 Favorite jobs:

1. Mom and wife
2. Stocking Hallmark stores
3. Avon
4. Working with the kids in Kingdom Cove (Sunday school program)

4 Favorite local places:

1. Cheri's, Michelle's and Julie's
2. Church
3. Grand Haven Boadwalk
4. On the border

4 Favorite foods:

1. Chinese
2. Anything seafood
3. Hot/spicy chicken wings with blue cheese (yes I am addicted(
4. Anything that has to do with chocolate

4 Favorite International spots:

1. Russia -because of Nikolas and Katie
2. China - Because of Haiti
3. Haiti
4. Switzerland - I spent a grand 3 hours there but what I saw was amazing and would love to go back

I am tagging:

1. Kimberly
2. Kaitlin
3. Terry F.
4. Kathy F.


The Jeltemas said...

ok, how do I do this, on your blog or my blog? Ha,ha...I'm so new...

Kathy Friend said...


I was just checking your blog and saw this - how fun! I don't know if the Kathy F was me - but hey, I'm game!

4 Favorite jobs:
1. my current job in fashion

2. wife (although not really a job - I am blessed with a good hubby)

3. Schult Homes - a thousand years ago - learned a lot

4 fav local places:
1. church - I go to Granger Community Church
2. home
3. Nordstrom's in Schaumburg (kind of local...and I call my shopping addiction a side-effect of adoption and a occupational hazzard!)
4. the homes of my friends

4 Favorite foods:
1. Pizza
2. Candy (Twizzlers, Jelly Bellys)
3. Brie Cheese with bread and apples
4. Mexican

4 Favorite International spots:
1. Russia - for obvious adoption reasons :)
2. London/Paris - always wanted to go
3. Greece - the photos of the islands are beautiful!
4. Isreal - always wanted to experience the place Jesus walked

4. Davenport University