Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not really a whole lot to report but I had a few minutes so I thought I would post something. I can hardly believe that in 3 days we will be on our way. The kids are all packed. Katie and Nikolas will be leaving on Tuesday night. Caleb will be coming back to the airport with us and then riding home with Grandpa Visser as Grandpa has promised to take him fishing for a couple of days. In fact Caleb is so excited about this he came up to me on Saturday night and said that we could leave now. He just kind of did is Caleb smirk and laughed. Crazy kid.

I have to say it makes me feel so much better that they are happy about staying with Relatives. It gives me so much peace to know they are very well taken care of and loved so much back here. I will have a few minutes of Sadness Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and then our big adventure will begin.

more later

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My name is Nancy and I work with Nancee Holzgen. I wanted to give you a little hint on how to save money calling home. We bought an international calling card and should have left home it at home with family. We used our calling call in China to call home but the hotels still charge you for the call. In the first four days we ended up paying over $200.00 in phone charges from our hotel. Ouch. It didn't take long for us to "get smart." We would call home and have THEM call us back on the calling card. We were only charged for the minute it cost us to call home. MUCH cheaper. We talked to our boys at least once and most days two times a day. With the 12 hour difference, it was easy. Have fun and enjoy. I'll be following your story.