Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hi everyone!! Things are great, we are all doing well and feeling great!! Today we went to the Tianamin square and the Forbidden city. Tonight we went to an acrobatic show and afterwards we went to a chinese restaurant that was very, very good. It was a fun but long day. We did have a surprise that everyone here is very attracted to Heather and they love to look at her and some of them even would like to take pictures of her because they hardly see anyone with her hair color. She was a little scared at first but after awhile got used to it and is having a ton of fun. She really loved the acrobatic show and thought the chinese dinner was awesome. Tomorrow we go to the Great Wall and fly onto Guangzhou to get Hannah. Here are a few pictures of our day. It may be a few days before we can update again as we will get into Guangzhou late and we are not sure yet what time we will be picking up Hannah. One of the families we are with also has a blog and she will have some great pictueres of our time on her blog. The computer uploaded some pictures that I was not planning on and included some pictures of the acrobatic team.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It looks like you are having so much fun- what a great trip so far!!
Praying for a wonderful reunion with Hannah- hope that goes as smooth as possible!
Miss you already!

Sandy said...

Hi Brenda!
I can't believe you will be meeting Hannah in just a few hours! I just wanted you to know that you're in my prayers.
Rachel's mom (from the Bethany COP group)