Friday, August 26, 2011


We arrived home on Tuesday evening. I was really hoping to be able to blog while I was there but for some reason blogger would always delete every I would write. I even tried to copy and paste and finally gave up. We were gone for almost 7 weeks. It was an amazing time. We did have some ups and downs but that is to be expected. We watched homes being put up, people coming to Christ, we had another graduation party for the discipleship and literacy class and we even were able to get to know the discipleship class that has been going on for the last 3 weeks. We were able to further relationships and to build new ones. We were able to further relationships with other mission groups and business in Haiti that we prays will turn into something very cool!! No details yet. We had a few teams come down and hang out with us and we enjoyed those times. My hope is that in the next few weeks I will write more about what we did and to have some pictures and videos to show. Thank you for all your prayers and for your support. It is so appreciated. It at times can get very lonley on the mission field and we thank you for the emails that we did get while we were gone. They mean so much.

Every morning for breakfast we would have bananas, fresh pineapple, fresh squeezed juice, bread, peanut butter and Jelly. We would then also either have oatmeal or this egg dish that was amazing! On Saturdays we would have pancakes and on Sundays we would have Cereal. We liked the give the cooks the weekends off to spend with their families. We are very spoiled with our cooks! They are amazing and always have a smile on their faces. They are fun to tease and they tease right back!!

This is Hannah and one of my favorite kids. His name is Christopher and he is 4 years old.
Heather took this picture of Detroit from the air.
Nikolas at the Banaya beach. He is going to be a freshman this year and was such a huge help to us this summer he has a heart of gold and an amazing compassionate heart!! God really blessed our family when he led us to Russia to adopt him.

This was the start of our kitchen, dining area and apartment. I have more pictures that I will share soon of the progress that was made while we were there. This will also be used for classes, eating, weddings and anything else that the community will need.

That is all for today. Do not forget to save Saturday, October 29th for the Riley/Altar*d Life concert. It is going to be and awesome night and we are so grateful to each of them for helping us put on this fundraiser. More details to come as we figure out tickets and other details.

We are praying that Gladys and Henri from Haiti will be able to join us for that evening!!!

We will need people to help us that night so if you are interested please email us at We are working on making this night affordable for families to attend.

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Welcome back! It was nice to read this update.