Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update from Ebenezer

I know I have not written anything here in a very long time. However today I wanted to share with you something that Nate wrote. He is in Haiti right now and sent this update:

This is a first! Praise God we have working internet at Ebenezer now so I can update while we are here. Just another example of the way God is providing.

I have so much to share. So many amazing things going on. I could share about how your generosity has provided many needed things through the catalog. I could share how house fundraisers have been, and will be, a blessing to those here who are in such great need. I could share how things are progressing here, as they are, ever so slowly, yet progressing. I could share with you the amaing way Jimmy is teaching the pastors and people in tents things like cholera. He is an amazing blessing from God.

Instead, today I want to share about the school. After all, that is what Ebenezer DTC is. A school to train existing pastors, and raise up new Christian leaders so that these leaders will change Haiti from the inside out. Today, I had the amazing privilage to witness a vision of God become reality. When God laid this on my heart years ago, it seemed impossible. Today, as I listened to what these students shared, I had to leave the meeting for a short time as I was in tears. God is doing something here, something big. The men shared how they realize that for Haiti to change for the better, it needs to start with them. They shared that God is the one who will provide the means and stregth for that change, and that it would not come fast, but will come, one person at a time.
As pastor Marc shared with the men, he told them that it was not just the words they spoke, but the actions that they showed that would make the biggest impact. He exhorted the men to do the lowest of jobs, not to wait to be served, but to be the first to serve. He explained the example of Jesus, how He gave up all in order to serve us, and give us eternal life. The men agreed and promised they would carry out this. The men are on fire for the Lord and can't wait to take what they have learned to thier villages.

The men in literacy class warmed my heart. One elderly man shared how he had no parents to raise him, and that he never went to school because he had to help support the family. He was so overjoyed that we were able to help him read for the first time in his life. Another man shared how excited he was to be able to write his name, and recongnize names as they are written. Another shared how for the first time he could read the words of life from the Bible.

The stories and testimonies went on for hours. You can imagine how overwhelming this was. God is so good, and I am so excited to share with you what is happening here. We have only Him to be thankful for. Thank you Father for your vision of Ebenezer. Thank you for the miraculous way you have brought your vision to reality. May we be good stewards of this vision and bring you glory through it. May all praise and glory be yours, for you alone are worthy. Amen, and amen.

God is doing amazing things and thank you also to all of you for helping us to make this all happen!!

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