Friday, June 11, 2010


What we do when it rains. My mom bought us the monopoly card game and we love it. We asked pastor mark to play and we were so happy he joined in. He does not speak much english so boss translated for him. We were all laughing so hard. Yesterday we went to a really beautiful white sand beach for hannah's 10th birthday. You have to take a boat, but unlike last time, this is a really nice one. The beach was very clean and my new happy place! Last night we walked tp the park and played with the kids and talked to the adults and boss talked tp the kids and they all want to know more about Jesus! A few of the girls who came to Christ on Tuesday, want to come to church bit said they do not have the right clothes. That is so sad. Jesus wants us, not pie clothes. We decided we are going to try to so some services the park for them. The kids are doing great. They are all so happy they came and making good friends. the relationships are being built and its fun serving others. Days go so fast and I am sorry that this my first blog post. Will try to post more later.
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Mari said...

What a special birthday for Hannah! Glad things are going well!

God's Grace said...

so glad you posted!!! Praise God for the kids, and showing them Jesus right where they are! And Happy Birthday to Hannah! Terry

Anonymous said...

Yay, I had lost your blog address due to computer issues, but thanks to Cheri I found you again!

Glad all is going well and keeping you in my prayer.