Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No time for blogging

I cannot believe that its been a week since the earthquake hit. My thoughts and feelings are so jumbled but we are leaning on our heavenly Father! I have had so little time to even think about blogging. Every minute is spent on things for Haiti and the kids. Pretty much everything we find out we put on facebook as it seems so much easier right now.

It looks like Nate and a team of medical people will be leaving possibly as early as Monday to try to head down to Petit Goave. There are many many options right now. God already knows what they will be doing and how they will get there. I have seen God work in ways that are incredible. I have seem people come together for a country that is smaller than the state of Maryland. God is our rock and we are resting in Him. Please keep praying for those on the ground already. Troy and Tara, John and Beth, their team of doctors there right now. Pray for my friend Cheryl VanderWell who is in Haiti right now as a nurse at God's littlest Angels orphanage. Pray for the orphans, Pray for the Ebenezer churches. Pray for Nate, Lynda and the team of doctors and nurses, Pray for Lori, Lecia and Zach in Cazale, Pray for all those waiting to bring their children home.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support you all have given to our family. It means so much to us!!

Ebenezer is not a building it is the people. Ebenezer will go on! It will look a little bit different but the mission has not changed even if the landscape has.


Mari said...

What a week. We keep praying and will wait to see how God uses Nate and the team when they arrive!

Kathy Friend said...

SO MUCH has happened in the past week, I feel like I am in a fog - in a constant state of prayer. Please keep me in the loop so I know how to pray for you and your teams in Haiti!

Terri said...

Hello I have never posted before but noticed you were on the Bethany forum & I was hoping you would email me.
I have a question regarding a child we are looking at in China that is 8 yrs old.

After reading your last post you may be a little busy right now & I do understand. The Power of Prayer is so amazing & you all will be in my thoughts & prayers.

オテモヤン said...
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