Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More on Ebenezer

Written by Nate.

On our recent trip to Haiti we spent a couple nights in a guest house in PAP. We were able to meet other missionaries there with many stories and reasons to be there. One group I met was there to look for land to start a mission on. He was dejected as the only thing he could find was between $300,000 and $400,000.
This is typical for desirable land in Haiti. When we felt certain that God was calling us to start this mission we looked for facilities to purchase that would be able to sustain the kind of usage that would be needed. We found one place in particular that we thought would be perfect. The cost? $250,000.

What seemed to be our biggest mountain, God turned into the greatest victory and testimony. The thought of raising that kind of money for facilities was overwhelming. At this point was when Gladys first talked to Troy about the need for well trained pastors. She mentioned the possibility of a place that we would be able to use.

In February Troy and I met with Gladys in the house that she was offering us to use. It was perfect. We then went a couple blocks up the street where she showed us a church that is the biggest church I have ever seen in Haiti. She offered this to use as well. When asked about the cost she said, "no cost". Wow! In a couple short months we went from wondering how we could ever start to having perfect facilities in place.

The house is set up perfect to start the mission. On the second level there are 3 smaller bedrooms, one large bedroom, two bathrooms, and a large deck. Downstairs is a large foyer, dining room, bedroom suite, and a huge room that is being used for classes. There is also a kitchen, (charcoal grills) outdoor atrium, and a large storage room. There is also a house in the yard that was damaged in the hurricane last year and has since collapsed. The house is on the ocean and has a large yard. Electricity is on 24 hours a day without batteries or a generator, so no diesel to buy or expensive generators to maintain.

For now the plan is to increase the yard size by about 1/3 by walling in the total area owned by Gladys. We will then build Pastor Marc a house to live in as he is commuting 5 hours right now to work at Ebenezer. (He stays at the mission while his family is at home) We also want to build dorms with bathrooms over the large room with rooftop access for a gathering place, as well as a outdoor gazebo for prayer.

The house sat vacant for a while so it needs some TLC but could not be more perfect for Ebenezer. We are also able to stay there with teams, so we have been blessed twice by this facility.

The church is very large. At one time they worshiped there with over 1000 people. Now they are at around 250. Still that gives you an idea of how big the building is. It was damaged by Gustov last year and desperately needs some roof work and a beam fixed. In the rear of the church is a big wing that we plan on turning into 6-8 big classrooms. The goal is to have the house be lodging and the church be where classes are held.

All this will take some time of course, but the great thing is that we are still well enough equipped to handle the first two phases of Ebenezer. The other great thing about this is that we do not have to fund facility costs. Besides the cost of power and other minor upkeep, we do not need to invest major money into facilities. We give God all the honor and glory for this and praise Him for His great provision. Please take a look at the photos of the ground to get a better idea of what has been given.

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