Saturday, August 08, 2009

Back from Haiti

We arrived home from Haiti on Friday at about 3:30am. We flew into Detroit, Mi and then had about a 3 hour drive home. We did not have internet down there so I could not update my blog at all. I am still processing what went on but I can tell you that it was my favorite trip to Haiti so far!! God is awesome, the team was awesome, Ebenezer Discipleship training center is awesome!!! We were able to meet the pastors that are going through the literacy program right now and they are a wonderful group of guys. We will begin updating the webpage soon so please check back often.

VBS went very well. We went up into the mountains twice. The views and the people are worth what it takes to get up there. Nate drove the truck up a VERY STEEP and WINDING path and he did an awesome job. Hard to look over the edge sometimes but what a wonderful feeling to know that God was taking care of all of us. Even if something happened what an awesome feeling to know that we would have been with Him in that instant.

The men
The View from the top of the mountain
My two favorite palm trees
The whole team plus our translators in front of
the Ebenezer church

I do not have my pictures uploaded yet so thanks to those that let me borrow these few.

Hope to update more later. Thanks for the prayers that you all gave us! They were very much felt!!


Mari said...

Hooray for a great trip! Hooray for a greater God! Glad you are back.

Anita said...

YEAH!! Glad to hear you're back safe and sound with your kiddos! :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip and all that the Lord was doing. LOVE the pics!