Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Update on friend with cancer

Hi Everyone!

This is the first email I have attempted to write. I left the hospital this past Friday, October 31. The news was / is good. The cancer was contained!!!! I have a Heimlich tube inserted in my right lung and it drains into a tube. A few things went a little array after surgery but we will get it all corrected - even if it means another surgery. I think I'm in severe pain? I say that because it's what all the doctors are telling me but I'm on strong narcotics so I can't gauge it very well. I will get some more xrays this weeks. If my lung is healed, the tube comes out. If not, it stays in and we'll check it twice a week. It's a very small inconvenience considering the doctors originally told me my future was very bleak and NOW IT'S WIDE OPEN! I'm too tired to express correctly how humbled I am by this journey. I am at God's feet with my life and the lives of my family members. Forgive me if I'm not expressing my victory with enough enthusiasm. I am barely able to put words together for an email. I will keep you all posted. I pray I will have a better handle on reality here shortly!!

Thank You so much for your prayers! Your prayers are the tools necessary for God's handiwork. God Bless You All.

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