Monday, September 29, 2008

Haiti church in Grand Rapids

God has us meet the coolest people in the some of the oddest places!LOL

Twice now he has brought us together with some good friends now that we have met in restaurants.

He led us to an awesome friend named Kaitlyn at an applebees over a year ago now and she is such a dear friend!!

Recently he led us to another young lady named Lynda. Actually I should say my in-laws met her first at an old country buffet and the we joined them one evening and the rest is history.

Lynda was born in Haiti - yes you can already see the connection! :)

Lynda told us about a church in Grand Rapids that was Haitian. Imagine our excitement!!

Yesterday a few of us went to this church. Diane and her family and my friend Tiffany joined Nate and I and the kids for their 11:00am service. It was incredible. It was just like being in Haiti!! They were soooooooooooo friendly and just truly welcomed us with open arms. Talk about being the body. They get it and shared it with us!

The Pastor had Nate come up 3 times to pray or talk (Nate just cannot seem to ever sit still in a Haitian church!!) The music was incredible. It definitely had that Island feel. It was hard to believe that after the service we were getting in our cars and not on a airplane.

After the service was was done in English and Creole they invited us to have refreshments with them. The refreshments turned out to be Creole chicken and rice and beans!!!!!!!!! Yum!!! Two of my favorite foods.

By the way on a side note, Cheri, the rice and beans you bought us was AWESOME!!!! Very good!! Thank you so much!!!!!

It truly was a blessed day and we have made some good new friends. We plan on going back with a bigger group so if you are interested let us know!!! We also found out they would love to join us on our mission trips so that will be great as well!!!

We also have decided that we will be flying to Haiti in late January/early February. This trip will be just Nate and I. It will be a discerning trip and a time to figure out what our next team trips will look like. Please pray for us as we discern our future!!!!


Diane said...

That was sooooo awesome to meet those people and attend service with them! I asked on the way home "how many friends can you make at one time?" - Tori said "a whole church"! :) I'm excited about the friendship that has already been established and look forward to seeing it grow! I can't wait to see how God uses ALL of us together to further His Kingdom!

Chad and Tammy said...

Wahh!!!! :( I wish I could have been there. Definitely plan on us for next time!

Cheri said...

Yeah- I'm so glad you loved the rice!

Mari said...

I'm glad it went well. I'll have to talk to Cheri about the rice and beans!

Anita said...

You certainly picked a GREAT time to head to Haiti and get out of that COLD Michigan snow! Can't wait to hear what the Lord will share with you!