Friday, April 18, 2008

Lazy week

This week has been kind of lazy. Not much going on.

We were told that we had a earthquake this morning but I did not feel it myself. Or I slept through it. We had bikes knocked over and some of our wood fell off the pile but that was about it!

Monday night we had to go up to the middle school for Orientation to start getting Nik ready. I cannot believe my oldest is going into 6th grade. It just does not seem real to me.

He was not sure if he wanted to be in band or Choir but he has chosen choir. I would never tell him which way to go but he loves to sing so that is what he has chosen! I for one am very excited! He has such a great voice. I wish you could all hear him really sing. He does it more when he is a lone and his voice is just beautiful. I am praying this will give him more confidence.

Heather and Katie have two weeks of swimming lesson up at Hudsonville High school. They are loving it and having a blast. This is a part of their school day and totally free to us! Praise God for that. They will take it again when they are in 4th grade.

Caleb and Hannah are doing well. Caleb's reading is coming along nicely and he loves to spell out words every were he goes.
Hannah is doing pretty good in school. We are excited as she will have ESL (english as a second language) classes next year. That should help her a ton!

That is about all!!


Terri said...

Today I just noticed an ad in the school newsletter for private swim lessons this summer. I'm thinking of signing Shaelyn up too. She loves to swim and this way I'm hoping they could teach her to dive better!

Chad and Tammy said...

Mikayla loved the swimming lessons at the high school. It's so nice that we don't have to pay for that!!!

tiffany said...

glad to hear that everyone is doing well :) missing you all!

Cheri said...

That is so cool that your school does swim lessons- wish ours did.
Yeah that Nick chose choir- he'll be awesome.
I felt the earthquake- I didn't know what was going on!

Melissa said...

I slept right through the earthquake, and the aftershock... I guess that's what I get for sleeping in! I'm glad the kids are doing so well, it's so fun to interact with them at church and stuff! :)

Cherdecor said...

It sounds like your children are coming right along and enjoying their school experience.

I am also glad that you only had a few bikes knocked over and some wood from the wood pile disturbed. I was up at 3:30 but I didn't hear anything, of course. Ha! Ha!

Tori said...

dang it i am the same as you again... with the dog thing. shoot. i was hoping we would be different. ;P

nope didnt feel the earthquake either... actually i didnt even know about it until science today. good thing my bed couldve tipped over and i wouldve died... :( try not to cry.