Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 24th 2002

I missed posting this yesterday.
Hard to believe that 5 years ago on October 24 we were approved
by a very tough judge in Irkutsk, Russia to adopt our 4th child!
Ekaterina, We are so proud to have you in our family!!!!


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful addition to your family. We love you too Katie!

Mari said...

We are so glad she is here - she is growing into such a beautiful girl!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

She is such a beautiful girl- so glad she's part of your family!

Terri said...

Can you believe it was that long ago. I tend to forget the actual day we adopted Shaelyn too. I'm going to start marking it on the calendar.
Katie sure is a cute one.

I love those pictures of Phoebe too. How adorable.

Melissa said...

How exciting! She is such a wonderful girl!