Friday, October 12, 2007

Items of Interest

I know its only October yet but I do start my Christmas shopping earlier. With this many kids I have to to find deals.

I have a few sites that I keep going all the time where I get points and In return I either get cash or points that I can turn into gift cards. So far I am getting $60 in Kb toys gift certificats which will be huge for this Christmas. Also any age can do these surveys

Here are a few of my favorites. this one turns it into cash or points for different things This one is points that you can use at different stores I get $10.00 in Amazon GC here. I do a lot of surveys for cash here this one I get points towards products. I have something free coming for a Christmas present that I am excited about.

There are a few others as well and as I get emails from them I will list them!!

Enjoy!!! I had done VERY well with these programs. It does take a while to add up but if you start now by next Christmas you can probably have a really good head start!!!


Melissa said...

hmmmm... i've tried a couple survey things that have promised money, but so far, i've got nothing...i'll give these a shot though!!!

Mari said...

Like Melissa, I'm on a survey thing that pays, but after I answer a few questions, it usually says I don't qualify. Laura has done well with this, though! I'll have to try your sites.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the books Brenda!

Jennifer said...

I am thinking if you enjoy answering random endless questions... maybe I have found a good babysitter for Kaylyn! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Oh better yet... maybe as punishment for when Kaylyn misbehaves I make her fill out the surveys and I keep the money! Yeah!
BIG Smiles!

Melissa said...

good idea Jen (the 2nd one :) ) Also, Brenda...I tried the but it says it doesn't exist...any ideas?