Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Skillet and Toby Mac

Toby Mac
Nik and Grace
Rosemy, Julie and myself (yes that is hot chocolate in my hand!)

I am stealing pictures from Julie as we didn't bring our camera. So sorry Julie but your pictures were great! If you read both of our blogs then I apologize!! LOL

We had a great time last night even though the heavens opened up and poured on us!!! While the bands were playing I didn't really feel the rain. I was able to keep warm by dancing around. I also realized that during Toby Mac the rained pretty much stopped until the very end! Thank you God for that reprieve!!!

I have to say I went mostly because I love skillet and I like some of Toby Mac songs on the radio. However I LOVED Toby Mac! I would see them again in a heart beat. They have a great stage show and the kids just loved it!!! It was our summer family splurge and I am sooooo glad we went!!


Mari said...

You all look pretty happy in spite of your very wet appearance! Glad you had fun.
PS - you should always have your camera with you -what kind of blogger are you?

Terri said...

Too bad that it rained because it was pretty cold. At least you had fun in spite of it.

Diane said...

Now you know a little how it MAY have felt in Haiti on that Wednesday when the sky opened and the 6 of us in the back of the truck were getting a LITTLE WET!!! Believe it or not, that was pretty cold too - even in Haiti!

I'm glad you had fun even if it did rain! What could mess up the feeling of praising God with good friends???