Friday, September 21, 2007

School pictures

I did my own school pictures this year. I just could not stomach paying
$150 for the pictures that I needed. They are not professional but I am
Happy with them!!
Ekaterina age 9
Caleb age 6
Heather age 8 (9 in 6 weeks)
Nikolas age 10 (soon to be 11)

Hannah age 7

The weather has been so beautiful!!!! I hope that everyone has had a good week. Its been a nice quiet week for me!!! Thank you, Lord!!


Chad and Tammy said...

The pictures look great Brenda! I'll have to post some of the pictures that I took at the park the other day.

Tori said...

hey, those turned out good. i can't type right now because iam so stinkin' tired, but i will try... zzzzzzzzzzzzz... i haven't been on here for a while. did you hear about anna and her mom yet? i bet you did, but i will let them tell you just in case. lol. ok, i better go before i fall asleep.

Kathy Friend said...

Oh my goodness! Your family is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

you have a beautiful family! those pictures turned out good!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

They are all looking so old! Looking forward to a post soon about things that make you smile-hee hee

Terry said...

Brenda your kids are so cute! and I cant get over how much older Hannah looks! amazing how fast they grow!