Monday, June 18, 2007

One year and 2 days ago since Hannah and Bysuki saw each other and it was like they never were apart!! It was a wonderful and teary eyed day!!!! He looked great and is living with an awesome family!! Welcome to Michigan Miller! We are so excited to have you here!!!!!

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Mari said...

How great that they both live in the same states now! (And they both look so happy!)

The Jeltemas said...

Oh my cute are we??

bergy said...

Adorable pictures! They are so sweet together!!

kaitlin marie said...

ahh i can finally get to your blog!! i couldnt for a long time.
the pictures are so cute i am so happy for hannah! how awesome to have your best friend so close now. =) i miss you guys and love you so much.
see you soon!! (72 days soon but eh)

<3 kaitlin

Kathy Friend said...

Oh my, is that little girl in the photos Hannah? SHE IS SO BIG!

Dawn Speese said...


This is so sweet! Hannah looks so beautiful and so happy! I am sure that Miller was so excited to see Hannah when he arrived at his new home!