Thursday, May 31, 2007


We sort of had our own CSI/Law and order this past weekend while camping!! I will try to explain each picture below and what happened in each one.

Nikolas made a new friend this weekend. Her name is Shayna. Nice girl. She is 10 years old and lives about 4 hours from us. We also found out she was adopted from Russia as well.

Nikolas and Shayna walked a trail quite a bit this weekend and it would end up at the beach and they made this little fort with a little table and everything. They would bring snacks and just hang out and play in the sand.

While playing in the sand Nikolas and Shayna found some interesting items. At one point he came running over to where we were on the beach and in his hands he had something we never thought we would see. Part of A human jaw bone with teeth intact. We were all quite stunned to say the least. We brought the items back to the trailer and we were still not quite sure that this is what it really was even though our minds told us it was indeed human. We had some good friends come out to to the campground to see us (Hi Kim and Denny) and at that point we also showed the bones to them. They agreed with us that we needed to take them up to the DNR station. Good thing we did as they were indeed human and they were shocked. We had to give them our names and campsite in case they needed to get back to us.

After all that fun we decided to head back down to the beach. Nathan, Denny and the kids decided to go and see just where Nikolas fort was and after they came back they had found more items. an femur bone, an arm bone, pieces of vertibrae, some skull pieces and another half of the jawbone with teeth (I know it sounds terrible but there is no other way to describe this) and some other small pieces which you can see in the hat. We decided we had better bring these items to the DNR as well but when we got close to our trailer was saw the DNR truck and a policeman already there and we had to explain what happened, Nikolas had to give him is name our address and phone number so that they could get in touch with us. It was all pretty amazing.

Nikolas got a little nervous when he had to talk to this kind police officer. Nice man. Nikolas turned to me and said wow that is the first time I have ever had to give my name to a police officer and I told him that this would also be the last time!!!! :)

I am not sure if we will ever hear anything of this. We were told that last year there had been a drowning and a body had never been found. Our hope is that we will be able to help some family have some peace that their loved one has been found and able to be put to rest.

Nathan worked with a couple of guys on Wednesday and they asked him what he had done for the weekend. He told them what we did and then told them about Nikolas's find. The first thing out of their mouth was wow are you talking about the teeth and jawbone they showed on the news last night? Wow! It was on the news? We had no idea. the bones are at the lab so it must have come from them because this is the first time I have wrote about any of this. So if you see something on the news that someone has been identified please let us know!!! It was quite a huge thing for Nikolas!


Mari said...

I heard about this from Cheri - that sure isn't anything you expect to have your kid find. I haven't heard anything on the news or in the paper. You'll have to keep us updated!

The Jeltemas said...

Denny and I agree it was indeed by far the most interesting and fun memorial week-end ever....playing with the kids, roasting marshmellows, eating hot dogs, finding body parts along the beach....yep! Best one yet. Yonkers really know how to entertain their guests!!
We love you guys!

Tami said...

Goodness..what a way to spend a holiday weekend! I don't know that I would have handled it that calmly! :)

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Oh my goodness -- We are addicts of all crime shows --- this is just like Criminal Minds ---- Nik - you are our hero!!!!

tara and troy